And then came that night
Staring startled 
Four eyes wide

and we said:
everything’s changed. 

and we said:
this is a whole new world now.

and we said:
now there is nothing between us

And we laughed
because that could mean what it meant 
or its opposite

But we knew.
And when we talked 
About you leaving someday

I promised to live
in the new world

Where We’ll Live

I was tearing my life to pieces
You were sitting in the charred ruins of your house

You said: “My house is sad”
I said: “I will make my home with you”

You said: “I built you a house”
I said: “I will make it a home for us”

Then you said: “I’m tired and cold. I’ve been teaching a long time.”
And I said: “We could move to Spain, and I will grow you oranges”

Then you said: “I want your home to be your dream.”
And I said: “We will live in Puerto Rico, and I raise our food”

And you said: “I will write poetry in the sun, and raise orchids”
And I said: “I will kiss your head as I go to the field and bring you dinner”

And then one day I thought you left, orchids wilted, zoo stilled.
But instead you moved in with me.

Now I say: “I will give you a home in my heart”
You say: “I will make my home with you”