Scholarly Editing

I fought and battled my way through to a done dissertation. Through undergraduate papers, and graduate seminar papers, and what seems now like an endless array of conference papers and presentations, I wrote, I revised, and I refined.

Now, I can help you.

  • Are you new to graduate school and struggling with how to write in this new world?
  • Stuck in your dissertation and need a combination cheerleader/ sounding board/ editor? (Or any one of these?)
  • Are you a scholar who is an English language learner or for whom English is a second (third? fourth? fifth?) language and you want to make sure your usage works?
  • Have you spent your whole career working in technical or laboratory settings and just haven’t had the time to sort out how the semi-colon really works?

I can totally help you!

Though I can work with the writing of folks in all fields and all stages, I have a special interest in helping folks in the humanities refine their ideas and their thinking. I can not only work on your writing with you, but also provide one heck of a brainstorming session. Where you are stuck, I can get you moving!