You’ve got something to say, but no idea how to say it. Are you looking to get a message out? Let me take your ideas and turn them into words!

  • Non-profits seeking to change hearts and minds:
    • You know who you want to reach, and you know that there is something you want to say, and you believe they want to hear it, but the ideas need shepherding into leaflets, web content, mailings, and other forms of writing. All kinds of organizations, but I have specific competence in queer, trans, and person of color issues.
  • Religious groups who want the best wording for their outreach programs:
    • Outreach is one of the hallmarks of spiritual leadership in the 21st century. I have an ever increasing amount of knowledge of both Christian and Jewish traditions, and am so interested in learning about more traditions! How can you reach more people with your message or with knowledge of your programs? With my help!
  • Startups who need to explain their mission to non-technical readers
    • I spent years working in IT, and more years working in Digital Humanities and in WordPress development. I can understand the technical mission of your company, and explain it in language non-specialists can understand. (I also do technical documentation writing!)

What do you need to say?