About ¡De’víate!

The English word “deviate”:

Deviate! ‘di:vieɪt: To turn aside from a course, method, or mode of action, a rule, standard, etc.; to take a different course, diverge.

Y la palabra Española “desviar”:

¡De’víate! del desviar(se): Disuadir o apartar a alguien (o si mismo) de la intención, determinación, propósito o dictamen en que estaba.

both come from the Latin: “devio/ deviare”

devio: to turn from the straight road, to go aside, to deviate

Getting a PhD is going off the road. Sometimes onto the rocky shoals, sometimes in the tall grass, sometimes an ivory tower, and once in a long while, getting a PhD is a wide horizon of infinite possibilities. It is never, however, “the straight road.” And having a PhD seems no different.

Welcome to my exploration of the places off the road.

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