Greater Boston #PhDeviate — Next Meeting

This is just a quick note to let you know or remind you that the next meeting of Greater Boston #PhDeviate will be on 1/14/14 (almost a palindrome if you do it European style: 14/1/14) at 6PM in Harvard’s Barker Center. The room is TBA– Check your emails on Monday evening/ Tuesday morning. Not on the email list? Get on it here!

As was the plan for the last meeting that had to be called on account of snow, Carla Martin and I will be co-facilitating our conversation about “Your Internet Presence.” We will spend a little time on the why of having an internet presence and a lot of time on the how, as in, how to have the best online presence for your life goals. Bring your tech as we’ll be doing hands-on exercises! We’ll talk about branding, and online marketing (of yourself in a job search or your business, whichever is relevant!), and some conventions that might be useful.

We put together a little list of reading that would be handy (NOT REQUIRED) to have under your belt before the meeting, and it is up on our resources page, and tagged. Relevant tags include #socialmedia, #tech, #branding, #publicscholarship, (maybe other tags too, but that should cover the main ones). There’s a lot of other great stuff there, too! You do NOT have to have an Evernote account to use it!

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